Thomas S. Ruby

I have experience in desktop, database, web, embedded software and electronic design.


  • 2006 to 2012 Director of Development, Crescent Systems.

    As Director of Development at Crescent Systems, I constructed a large Point of Sale, accounting, inventory management, scheduling and membership system. This system was primarily Clarion, using MS SQL for data storage. I built many interfaces using C# and Microsoft .NET for credit card processing, encryption and connection to external systems.

  • 1995 to present Independent Contractor.

    As a contractor, I built many systems, often in Clarion or even Modula II for many clients including Food Service, Distribution, Trucking, CRM, Membership Management, Warehouse and Shipping. I was often called on to write for portable or ruggedized equipment. I much enjoyed the work variation in Contracting, from large SQL database systems to tiny, handheld computers running with restricted memory and little storage, to RF networks with SQL servers.

Prior Experience