Tom Ruby

I started out in electronics because I loved making things work. I did this for some years, and making the machine pick up the part from the feeder, do its test, turn the funnel to the correct bin and drop the part was great fun. I found I had a knack for making the programs to do this, so after a few years, I went away to university to get a degree in programming. I got two. I miss making things that work, but I've worked in software for thirty-mumble years.

These days I work mainly in C#, .net and SQL and use C and C++ for embedded projects. I always have in mind to get rich making some cool electronic gizmo, but this has not been an effective get-rick-quick scheme.

C# Tips

Sometimes I've wanted to do something simple but the best my barely adequate google-fu can get is, "you can't do that." Well of course you can. Here's how.

Keep nodes expandes while refreshing a tree view.
Use Selenium to get the image of a control into a bitmap.
Windows Forms DataGridVidewTips

I dated these so in 13 years you'll be able to tell they are out-of-date.

For Fun

For fun, I fly photography drones, play with trains, design electronic things and write fiction. I love to take long walks in the countryside. I'll take long walks in town if needed.


I got my FAA Part 107 license by taking the classes at Remote Pilot 101. The classes prepared me quite well to take the exam. Tip: When you go to take the exam, bring a magnifier, and maybe a light. You can't take your phone into the exam room.


I have "G gauge" trains, and am a member of the Tulsa Garden Railroad Club.


I like to design and program gadgets for trains using "AVR" microcontrollers from Microchip.


I like to write fiction, when I'm not working, playing with trains, making electronic gizmos or flying my drone. I've never had anything published. Maybe someday.

3d Printers

I just got a "Sidewinder X1." If anybody tells you these things, are quiet, BELIEVE THEM! I have some design practice with an antiquated MakerBot II, and my Sidewinder has printed anything I've wanted quite nicely. I use Open Scad for designing 3d objects.


I love to be outside wandering down trails or paths, though I don't think any real hiker would call what I do "hiking."